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child seat for transportation

1 x $10, 2 x $15

beers for transportation

Can units (includes cooler + ice)

Select Brand & Quantity
corona extra beer can

$2 each, 355 ml, Mexico

corona light can

$2 each, 355 ml, Mexico

tecate original can

$2 each, 355 ml, Mexico

modelo especial can

$2 each, 355 ml, Mexico

bud light beer can

$2 each, 355 ml, USA

Heineken can

$2 each, 355 ml, Netherlands

Dos Equis XX

$2 each, 355ml, Mexico


$2 each, 355ml, Mexico

champagne for transfer

Includes ice bucket and glass cups

Select Brand & Quantity

$20 each, 750ml, 11.5% Alcohol

Riccadonna Asti

$20 each, 750ml, 8.0% Alcohol

Freixenet Cava

$30 each, 750ml, 11.5% Alcohol

Martini Prosecco

$30 each, 750ml, 7.5% Alcohol

Esterlin Exclusif Brut Champagne

$50 each, 750ml, 12% Alcohol

oet Chandon Imperial

$70 each, 750ml, 12% Alcohol

Veuve Clicquot BRUT

$70 each, 750ml, 12% Alcohol

G.H. Mumm Cordon Brut

$70 each, 750ml, 12% Alcohol

fiji evian waters

Includes cups & ice

Select Brand & Quantity

$4 each, 500ml, plastic bottle


$2 each, 500ml, plastic bottle


$2 each, 355ml, can

Step 5 - Check Summary & Total
Cancun Airport

Merida (Yucatan)

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  Pay In Advance At Your Convenience — By selecting this option, once you have booked with us, we'll send you a PayPal Invoice via email within the next 24 hours for the total amount of your service and you'll have the choice of paying in advance whenever you think it's more convenient for you, for example, tomorrow, next week or the day before your arrival. If you decide to not pay in advance using PayPal, you will still have the alternative of paying in cash once the service is completed at your destination.

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